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Youth Ministry Ideas ™

Youth Ministry Ideas is a collection the BEST youth ministry ideas submitted by followers.

We try to post almost every day, and almost all of our posts come from people who send them in through Instagram or via email at To send in your idea, the best thing to do is to send us a DIRECT MESSAGE on Instagram with the photo. If you just tag us, there is a good chance we will miss it. We will always give you photo cred, and mad props.

Youth Ministry Ideas

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Game Ideas

Dueling Unicorns

Fun messy game called Dueling Unicorns. ???? ???? Use party hats and balloons filled with shaving cream. You could...

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Sermon Ideas

Decor and D.I.Y. Ideas

Photo Boards

Event Recap Picture Boards with extra copies of all the pictures in little baskets below! These are held to...

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  1. […] This is a great game that will get many student involved and will leave you with some really fun memories! We first saw this on “Youth Ministry Ideas” Instagram. You can find more out about them HERE. […]